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Rates & Policies

Thunder Lodge

Eight Creekside Log Cabins

Three 1 Bedroom Creekside Log Cabins &  Five 2 Bedroom Creekside Log Cabins

  • Winter Season Rates  (excluding holidays)

October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May (up to Memorial Weekend)

One Bedroom $99 per night for up to two adults/teens, and all children age 12 and under. 

Two Bedroom $126 per night for up to four adults/teens, and all children age 12 and under. 

Each additional adult and teen is $10.00 each, per night.

  • Summer Season & Winter Holiday Rates (Memorial Weekend through September)

  •   June, July, August, September

      One Bedroom $126 per night for up to two adults/teens and all children age 12 and under.

      Two Bedroom $150 per night for up to four adults/teens, and all children age 12 and under.

      Each additional teen and adult is $10.00 each, per night


Credit Cards Accepted: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AmEx

Thunder Lodge is a Self Service Cabin Rental.
Your cabin is furnished with two or four sets of towels, bedding, 1 roll of toilet tissue, 1 roll paper towels, 1 box tissue, 2 kitchen trash bags, 1 bathroom trash bag, dish detergent, 1 set of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and 2 facial soaps.  Guests are responsible for any other items they might need.  Daily housekeeping is not provided. 

Red Notebook Guest Directory
There is a red notebook in each cabin with important information about your stay as well as descriptions and directions to local restaurants and activities.

Guest Laundry Facility
The Guest Laundry Facility is located in the building at the north end of the Central Courtyard on the right-hand side near the foosball table.   Quarters are available in the office as well as 1 laundry detergent pod and a dryer sheet for $1. The hours are 8am - 9pm as it is next to Cabin #6.

Lost and Found & Personal Property Left at Thunder Lodge
Thunder Lodge is not liable for the theft, loss, damage or destruction of the personal property.  Items left in cabins will be stored in a plastic bag and kept in the office for 30 days.  The cabin # and date found will be noted on the plastic bag.  After this time, the item will be disposed of or donated, if deemed an item of value by Thunder Lodge owner, to Newbie's (local thrift store) on E. Main St. in Buena Vista.  

Lost Cabin Keys
There is a $10 lost key fee as it  takes time, fuel and money to replace.
If you return home and find the key, you may send it back to Thunder Lodge using the following instructions:

  1. 1.  Claim the package as a key.  The USPS fee to send any key is $3.50.
  2. 2.  Email or call to advise a missing key was found and you are sending it.
  3. 3.  After the key has been received, your credit or debit card will be refunded the $10, unless there was postage due.

If the package is not claimed as a key, and a postal sorter names it as such, Thunder Lodge will receive a "postage due" notice and will be charged the additional amount, up to $3.50. Thunder Lodge will have to pay the postage due to pick up the key! There have been many keys sent back to the lodge where postage was due!


1.  Check Out time is at 10:00am.
2.  Please take all trash to the green dumpster located at the southeast entrance of the property on N. Pleasant St.
3.  Please wash, dry and put away any kitchen items you used.
4.  If you brought your dog, please check for pet hair.  You are welcome to borrow the vacuum cleaner and pet hair
     removal tools if necessary.
5.  Please make sure your account has been settled in the office.  Payment is due at Check In unless other
     arrangements have been made.
6.  Keys may be left in the cabin on the desk or in the door.
7.  Don't forget to check each room in your cabin for device chargers.

When you provide your personal information such as name, home address, phone numbers, email address, we will not give or sell this information to any outside company for any use.  The information you provide will be kept confidential and will be used only to support your guest relationship with us.

The manager or owner, can, at his or her discretion, change your cabin assignment to another cabin of the same size or larger in the event of an unforeseen circumstance beyond Thunder Lodge's control.  The renter will be notified by phone and email. Prior to arrival, please check the bulletin board next to the office door and the lighted neon wipe board in the front office window.

CANCELLATIONS (guests reserving one cabin):
Cancellations must be made at least 7 days prior to the initial check-in day or the full cabin/room charge will be assessed. Cancellations made 7 to 30 days prior to initial check-in day - $25 / night / cabin. 
Cancellations made 31 to 60 days prior to initial check-in day - $25 / cabin.

If a cabin(s) is canceled 7 days or less prior to check in, the cabin amount will be charged on the card provided on the reservation. The card will be refunded if we are able to rent the cabin.

If the Group Organizer is paying for all the cabin rentals in their group, there is a $500 group deposit due at the time of reservation confirmation. With this option, the Group Organizer will be responsible for any cabin charges due to cancellations or date changes during the 60 days prior to the group check-in date. Group Deposit by check or cashier's check is preferred, made payable to Thunder Lodge, and sent to POB 504, Buena Vista, CO, 81211.

If Group Organizer will not be paying for all the cabin rentals in their group, there is a $100 deposit due for each cabin. With this option, the Group Organizer is not responsible for any cancellation fees or cabin charges, other than their own cabin. Each party of the group reserving a cabin or cabins must call the office to provide their personal information and credit card information. All cabins on hold for the group will initially be held with the organizer's information. One week prior to your Group Deadline (established at time of reservation confirmation...normally 2 months prior to check-in), an email will be sent to the organizer so they will know if they need to cancel any cabins before the Group Deadline to avoid charges.

Group Cancellation Policy applies to all groups whether the organizer is paying for the cabins or individual group members are paying for their own cabin.

The $500 or $100 Group Deposit is for damages to cabins and/or any Thunder Lodge property (broken windows, trampled grass from yard games, burned grass by grills, broken neon signs, pet damage, etc.). There is a list of items/$amount available in the office. If there is no damage to property, the deposit will be applied towards your cabin bill.

Groups are defined as a group of guests reserving two or more cabins during the same or similar time periods.
Group cancellations are different from our standard cancellation policy.
Cancellations made 60 days to date of check-in, the full cabin charge will be assessed. No refund on deposit if cancellation made within 60 days prior to check-in date.
The Cancellation Policy applies to reservations made within 60 days prior to check-in.

If a cabin(s) is canceled 60 days or less prior to check in, the cabin(s) full amount will be charged on the card provided on the reservation. The card will be refunded if we are able to rent the cabin(s).

This is a fabulous outdoor kitchen in the Grill Gazebo in the Central Courtyard.  There is a combined charcoal grill, gas grill, and gas cook-top. It is free for guests to use.  It must be reserved in advance or upon check in with a $100 check deposit which will be returned after inspection. You must bring your own grilling utensils, cleaning tools and gas tank.

$50 fee charged if dishes are not washed and put away in the cabinets.

$50 fee if all your garbage is not taken to the dumpster provided on the east side of the property, no exceptions.

Check In: 3pm
Check Out: 10am

We no longer provide extra towel sets or extra sheet sets for additional guests or guests not sharing beds.

There are plenty of extra pillows and blankets in each closet.

Guests are welcome to bring cots or air mattresses for additional guests or guests not sharing beds

  • Each two bedroom cabin will have 4 towel sets and 1 queen set of sheets (on bed) and 1 full set of sheets (on bed).

  • If there are more than 4 guests in two bedroom cabins, guests are required to bring their own extra sheet sets and towel sets.

  • Sheets will be provided for the queen and full beds only. If there are 4 or less guests in two bedroom cabins who do not share the beds and require extra bedding, guests are required to bring extra sheet set.

  • Each one bedroom cabin will have 2 towel sets and 1 queen set of sheets (on bed).

  • If there are more than 2 guests in one bedroom cabins, guests are required to bring their own extra sheet sets and towel sets.

  • If there are 2 guests in one bedroom cabins who do not share the queen bed and require extra bedding, guests are required to bring extra sheet set.

  • Guests are welcome to bring cots or air mattresses.

  • Dirty towels will be exchanged every three days. Please bring dirty towels to the office or lodge laundry room next to the office to exchange for clean towels.

  • Sheets may be exchanged every seven days.

  • Guest Laundry Facility is available if guests would like to wash their own towels and sheets more frequently.

Pack-n-Plays and High Chairs are in all two bedroom cabins.


Two Pet Maximum (no exceptions)

pets are welcome with advance notice for a fee and require a $50 per pet, refundable deposit for damage to cabin and pet hair.

(Sorry, no cats allowed due to a "cat incident" on a couch and loveseat.)

Pet Charges

$10.00 each, per night
$50 refundable deposit per pet

Pets Rules:

1. The $50 Pet Deposit is due upon day of check in. The deposit will be held on the credit or debit card that was used to confirm your reservation. The deposit will be returned the day of departure if the Pet Rules are followed. The deposit will be kept if there is visible pet hair on the floor, furniture, bedding or other surfaces in the cabin and/or if there is damage to the cabin or furniture.

2. It is the renter's responsibility to thoroughly check the cabin prior to check out so there are no surprise charges. Please bring your own pet hair removal tools. You may borrow the vacuum in the office.

3. DO NOT allow your pets on the furniture. Our high quality quilt sets are $500! ABSOLUTELY no pets on or in the bed.

4. Dogs can play in Central Courtyard area, but if they use it for a restroom, you will clean up or be charged $50.00 fee. (enforced by hidden camera)

5. Do not leave pets unattended unless you leave them in their pet kennel. If there are any barking complaints, you will not be allowed to leave pet in cabin, no exceptions.

6. Clean up after your pet in all areas on property. Deposit poop bags in dumpster provided. (We have pet pooper bags available.)

7. Use your own pet's bedding or your own pillows and blankets for your pet's bedding.

8. Keep your pet on a leash or under control at ALL times. DO NOT allow your dog to chase wildlife.

9. Do not tie your pet outside your cabin unattended.

We ask that the rules be respected so that we can keep Thunder Lodge pet friendly. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Two Night Minimum Stay Required:

July               Memorial Day
Labor Day               Paddle Fest
Valentine's Day Weekend         School Graduations
Thanksgiving           Easter
Christmas                New Years
Running & Cycling Events Co State H.O.G Rally
Music Concerts & Festivals ATV Historic Color Tour
FIBark Whitewater Festival Salida Art Walk
Leadville Ski Joring BV Bike Fest
Spring Break (March) Gold Rush Days

Please do not leave cabin door open while smoking outside!

Smoking Charge
- $250
Charged when smoke odor is detected in the cabins.


Please Note:

All cabins are non-smoking.


Thunder Lodge
PO Box 504, 207 Brookdale Avenue, Buena Vista, Colorado 81211-0504  Phone: 719-395-2245  
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